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Build your health and wellness future together with us!


"We believe that personal, as well as company health, peak performance and wellness starts with a functional and flexible body."


A body that functions at a high level makes it possible to withstand daily loads in life better. And the other way around, if it doesn´t function at the same, or higher, level as the daily physical and mental challanges we put it through, symtoms like pain, inflammation, work related problems, sleep problems etc. will eventually show.


Addwell creates unique, affordable, effective and user friendly health apps, wellness apps and performance enhancing apps to boost personal wellness and in the end your company´s marketing values, customer satisfaction, economy and Good-Will.


- Addwell provides you with a wide variation of health-, wellness apps. Prefabricated or Custom Made.


- We provide your company with branded apps to suit the health and wellness profile of your company as well as your specific business needs.


Our Health and Wellness apps are perfect give-aways to your company clients and employees as you will be giving away health and wellness!


Our customers are private people, Insurance Companies, Health Providers, Member Organisations and Companies with a high levels of sick-leave.



The best health- and wellness apps on the market!


It´s Unique - There are no apps like ours on the health and wellness market.

A perfect and affordable tool for inproving health, wellness and business.


Choose the problem area - We have created a wide range of highly effective stretching programs to release tensions that builds up in our bodies from the loads Work, Sports, Hobbies and other activities put on us, on a daily basis.

Choose your app to work on your problem area and release your Best Life!


Userfriendly and Effective - The unique three-steps set up of the stetching programs gives imediately health and wellness effects and an opportunity to easily improve health and wellness for anybody.


The easy-to-do programs enables you to take control of your own health and wellness.


Just mirror the instructor - stop, rewind, pause or slow down the tempo - easy and simple!


Why do the Addwell apps work?


There is a mechanical cause why you get pain, cramp, inflammation and discomforts in your bodys muscles - and there is a logic how to take it away - Our uniqe programs are based on this logic. That´s why they work:)


Inside the apps you will find filmclips of yoga and stretching exercises, put in the right order to quickly release pain and discomforts as well as enhance performance anywhere in your body and mind.


- The exercises target the cause of the problem, in sequence, not just the aching muscle, joint or tendon, wich is the symtom or compensation of the dysfunction in the bodys skeletal kinetic chain.


- The logic of biomechanics says that optimal/natural function in your skeleton and joints, brings down tension in your muscles and by that, can dissolve pain and other related symtoms.


- Releasing the locked down muscle system by stretching the strong antagonistic muscles first and in the right order, finishing off with the small, affected and aching muscle and finally setting the effects of the previous exercises with balancing exercises will do the job. It´s that simple!






The Addwell Team






Who are our customers and why?


Health Providers:

For fast and long lasting results of treatements. Direct and ProActive measures.


Member Organisations:

For higher service to members.


Insurance Companies:

For higher service to customers, lower costs and ProActive measures.




Companies with high level of sick leave:

Active and ProActive health measures for staff of all kinds.



For better homexercise programs to customers and better results from treatements. Sign up as Professioinal resellers of the apps and chare our profits.


Your life!

To create your best life, at work or off work, in sports or in hobbies.

Did you know you could stretch to achieve a wide range of health and wellness effects?

  • Take away pain anywhere in your body...
  • Come home from work full of energy...
  • Enhance your performance in sports and at work...
  • Sleep better at night...
  • Boost your mental energy...
  • Stay healthier as a Senior...
  • Prepare for childbirth and get in shape fast after...
  • Get more effect from your gymtraining..
  • And more...
  • Check them out at "App Library".

Mikael Jansch

Dr of Naprapathy:

Mikael Jansch is a swedish Doctor of Naprapathy currently living in New York.

He lives an active and healthy lifestyle and lovse working out, yoga, skiing and Aikido. Mikael fasts two days a week to stay healthy.


Mikael Jansch has over 20 years of experience as a Manual Therapist, with more than 20 000 cliensts and over 80 000 treatments. Dr Jansch has had excellent results and have great references.



What is Naprapathy?

Naprapathy – is a Manual Medicine treatment system, for better function and less pain in your body.

First – release the pain. Then – prevent it from coming back!

A treatment by a doctor of Naprapathy mixes elements of a Chiropractic session with physiotherapy.

The main focus is to decrease pain by restoring the natural functions of the body and thereafter analyze and adjust possible anticipatory reasons such as muscular imbalances or other sources of pain in the work environments or other parts of the daily life of our clients.


Altogether, this holistic approach to health and wellness is what makes Naprapathic treatments so effective.

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